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"Success is a reward for performance"

"Success is a reward for performance"

Baksa Kálmán


I think it is important to emphasize that behind the performance is always the man whose work we acknowledge and are proud of.

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"Inspiration and impetus"

"Inspiration and impetus"

Bővíz Ferenc

International Sales and Marketing Director

My favorite signal is the lying eight, which is the infinite symbol. This represents the endless opportunity for Rábalux and the responsibility to choose the most promising among them wisely, along our long-term interests. ”It satisfies current trends.

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"Continuous Development"

"Continuous Development"

Amrein Barbara

International Finance Manager

As a young career starter, I was encouraging and at the same time relentless to help my personal professional development with continuous training support. It is a good feeling that we have gestures in addition to our expectations. As an economic leader, I also attach great importance to continuous development, and accordingly, in my work, it is of paramount importance to provide my colleagues with every opportunity and support to achieve their professional goals.

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"Provide a perspective for the future."

"Provide a perspective for the future."

Zalka Ádám

Director for Procurement, Product Development and Quality Assurance

"It is great to see that the company I have been working at for years has grown from a family venture into an international corporate group now."

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You are the key to the future

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We want to be the best and we do everything to achieve it. If you can identify with this thought as a trainee and you want to become one of the best, apply now! Young Talents Programme – we support your professional growth with opportunities and customized challenges We know that the first job plays a very important role in building your career. The stakes are high, because if you choose the right place of apprenticeship you can found your whole career. Professional development, international team, real and exciting tasks. All of these await you if you choose Rábalux Group. Within the framework of our apprenticeship programme we offer you not only valuable professional experience, training possibilities, language courses and traveling opportunities, but also a real chance to join us as our new colleague at the end of the programme. At our company you can get a glimpse of the work processes of a given field and by the end of your traineeship you will be able to identify your field within the corporate group and enter the labour market with a real work experience.


Current apprenticeship positions


We believe that the time and energy invested in the training of youngsters pays off exponentially if they are given tasks offering challenges and progress right at the beginning of their careers – that is exactly why we operate our Young Talents Programme, which offers individually tailored professional and personal development for career entrants.

Fojtyik-Bendig Judit

Product Development Engineer, Hungary

“It contributes to my self-fulfilment that I got a task that suited me both regarding my diploma in engineering and my creativity. The lamps I designed now greet me from the shelves of the stores. This is a great pleasure and I am very proud of my work.”


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