Baksa Kálmán

“Success is the prize of performance.”

Baksa Kálmán, CEO

Baksa Kálmán


“If I had to put it in a single sentence, who we are, I would do it like this: a dynamically developing international corporate group with stable foundations offering high quality, full-scale services, fulfilling customers’ needs according to current trends.”

I joined Rábalux, the corporate group now having 10 private-owned subsidiaries, in 2012. I have successfully managed to combine almost 25 years of leadership experience I acquired on the field of business development, sales and production at multinational companies with the standard operational processes of a Hungarian company group. Following my arrival – after having examined the operation of the organization – besides keeping the processes, which supported the development of the company, we have introduced a reporting system, which laid great emphasis on building up controlling tasks. While optimizing work processes, I have always believed in the fact that if we pay more attention to quality human resource management, we can achieve even better results. In my opinion this approach and the aforementioned initiatives substantially contributed to the further successful growth of the company. As a result, we may proudly say now that Rábalux Group has become one of the leading lighting companies of the Central Eastern European region. The years spent in the FMCG sector gave a firm foundation for my professional life. At the beginning of my career I was part of the sales team at L’Oreal and then I spent more than 5 years at Londa Cosmetics working as a retail division head. Later I went on to work for Procter & Gamble, then I was offered the position of managing director at Fonyódi Mineral Water Ltd. Thanks to the multinational environment and the professional systems applied there I have managed to acquire a practical experience on every stage of my career that I could successfully transfer into the operation of our corporate group as well. I think everything depends on the individual. A company can only be successful on the long run, if it incorporates the collaboration of well-trained, motivated colleagues with a sense of initiative, who not only love to, but are also able to work individually. The other fundamental pillar of success is the well-conceived, realistic and detailed short-, mid- and long-term strategy and the road that leads to it. Since our market environment changes very rapidly, it is also essential to recognize these changes in time. However, recognition itself is not enough, we must also determine what needs to be done in order to make our company adapt to the changed market environment and customer needs. Finally, these modifications must be carried out in a fast and precise manner. Success is the prize of performance. In my opinion it is very important to emphasize that you must always find the man behind the performance, whose work needs to be recognised and praised. I believe – and I know it from my own experience – that teamwork is just as important here as it is in sports and you can achieve success easier with it. In the past years the changes Rábalux Group went through have proven that a dedicated, mutually supportive team is able to renew itself and to achieve success in all possible situations. Together with my colleagues we have set the goal of bringing light and colour to the everyday life of people both in their homes and at their workplaces. We know it exactly how important it is to have a family conversation around the light of the dinner table in the evening, to enjoy an early autumn wine-tasting with friends illuminated by the garden lights and to create something great under the light of the drafting table. Our slogan captures this ars poetica too:

Rábalux – illuminates your home/life!