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"It is of paramount importance that my colleagues
give every opportunity and
support to
to achieve their
professional goals."

Amrein Barbara

regional financial manager

Zalka Ádám

“Perspective. It is great to see that the company I have been working at for years has grown from a family venture into an international corporate group now. The objectives set out offer perspective for the future. My aim is to develop along with the group and to achieve even more success together.”

Zalka Ádám

Strategic Director of Purchasing, Product Development and Quality Assurance

After having passed my final exam in the secondary grammar school I chose the technical management major of the University of Veszprém (now called University of Pannonia), where we had a remarkably wide range of subjects. I have not only received well-founded technical expertise, but also had the chance to broaden my knowledge in the fields of management, logistics and economy. The topic of my thesis was change management, because I already considered it to be very important back then to see how changes affect the life, work and development of a given company and employee. Following my graduation, I moved back to my birth place, Győr and worked for Somogyi Elektronic for eight years first at the sales then at the technical department. In 2011 I decided to step further and we have almost immediately found each other with Rábalux. The company offered exactly the same vision I had been looking for, so we started our cooperation. The company had the characteristics of a family enterprise back then, but the direction of development already seemed to be crystal clear, along which the corporate group systematically progressed. It is a great challenge and responsibility to work for a dynamically developing company group becoming gradually a large international company. I think development cannot be ensured without continuous learning and the sound knowledge of the market, which is true to all fields. Of course, the market, where we wish to achieve results, is constantly changing. This change has an effect on the work of all departments, because we can only be successful together if we are always a step ahead of all the others. This is a top priority condition in order to make the corporate group keep bringing the expected results. As a director of purchasing, product development and quality assurance I not only have to keep up with the progress of technical sciences, but I also need to remain up to date concerning issues related to the logistic and economic changes happening around the world. These tendencies sweep across the globe regardless of geographical boundaries and they have to be recognized and used. This means learning on a daily basis, because the world changes extremely rapidly. I consider it not a pressure, but rather a challenge, since is exactly what I have been studying for: i.e. to be able to work and create memorable things in such a diverse field. As a result of constant growth, we have become essential operators in the residential lighting market in Eastern Central Europe. However, there are lots of things, which have only just begun, because there cannot be a halt to improvement. I am really glad that I can be a part and prime mover of this.