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"It is of paramount importance that my colleagues
give every opportunity and
support to
to achieve their
professional goals."

Amrein Barbara

regional financial manager

Bővíz Ferenc

“Inspiration and dynamism. My favourite sign is sideways figure eight, the symbol of infinity. It represents the infinite business opportunities very well that lie ahead of Rábalux as well as the responsibility to select wisely the most promising ones in accordance with our long-term interests.”

Bővíz Ferenc

International Sales and Marketing Director

I have gathered my experience at large international companies in the Central and Eastern European market owing to teams, which were hungry for success and where team members and leaders worked hand in hand to make the products of Coca-Cola, Sony Electronics and Media Markt successful via sales and brand building. At the beginning of my career I learned how important it is to get familiar with customers’ needs and the special features of the market in order to make the appropriate business decisions. Later on at Sony I gained proper knowledge how to cope with complex business situations, how to select priorities from a strategic point of view and how to define the direction of our actions and focus based on the experience of customers. I was working for Media Markt when I understood that “the key to a successful retail lies in the details” and how important it is to strive for continuous renewal and constant innovation. I am a curious person and I really enjoy whenever I have the chance to get to know new things. I believe in life-long learning. I think we are surrounded by an infinite number of opportunities, but it is our responsibility, which ones we grab and how much consistency and effort we put into exploiting them. My aim is to create a work environment, in which I can bestow my colleagues with the necessary trust, power and responsibility. I believe in a leadership based on continuous development and the enhancement of efficiency and productivity.